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Next Gen - Preview
What’s Inside?
Intended for technical leaders at AdTech and MarTech companies looking to gain a competitive edge by processing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data in seconds, this paper presents the technical and business case for Ocient's next-generation campaign forecasting solution leveraging raw bidder log data.
Read about common approaches to this hyperscale data challenge and see how Ocient's unparalleled price-performance enables Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to deliver new suites of campaign forecasting capabilities that were previously infeasible to deploy.
In this paper, we discuss: 
  • The challenges and tradeoffs with complex pre-aggregation and estimating pipelines currently used to tackle campaign forecasting
  • How full resolution SQL analytics revolutionizes the data stack for large scale data applications
  • Why Ocient delivers unbeatable performance for a log analytics application like Campaign Forecasting at a game changing price point

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